Advocacy and stakeholder engagement

Advocacy is one of CECOE’s four key thematic areas. The coalition’s advocacy includes influencing decision-makers, media outreach, citizen education, and various forms of civic engagement. To that end, CECOE has undertaken several advocacy and stakeholder engagement activities.

Publications (Researches, policy briefs and commentaries)

CECOE has produced researches, infographics, policy briefs and commentaries aimed at advocating for reforms based on its research findings. Research on electoral systems, special voting, voter education, election legal frameworks  and national dialogue are some of CECOE’s research thematic areas. Policies briefs on media access and grievance hearing; commentaries on CSOs voter education and poll workers are CECOE’s flagship advocacy outputs. 

Digital campaigns

Targeting key policy makers and other electoral stakeholders, the CECOE produces and disseminates informative contents using television, radio and social media outlets. The coalition’s educational television advertisements aimed at calling for electoral reforms have been aired on some of the country’s major television stations. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are also other CECOE’s digital advocacy arms. You can also become part of these advocacy efforts by following, sharing and liking our contents.     


Events and workshops provide a valuable forum for a range of different functions, helping electoral stakeholders to network and share experiences, build partnership and advocate for a common cause. Taking this into account, CECOE organizes workshops and consultative   workshops in various regional cities and Addis Ababa. To date, the number of events organized by CECOE has reached XX. Most of our events are open to stakeholders working on election and democracy building. If you are interested in partaking in our events, please see our annual event calendar. You can also make RSVP by sending an email to