Empowering Democracy in Ethiopia

Championing Transparent and Fair Elections

Join us in our mission to uphold democratic values and ensure transparent electoral processes across Ethiopia.

Our Mission

Commitment to Democracy

CECOE is dedicated to fostering a well-informed, empowered, and responsive Ethiopian society by engaging in voter and civic education, election monitoring, and observation. We coordinate efforts among Ethiopian civil society organizations to promote free, fair, peaceful, and transparent elections.

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Milestones and Achievements

Our Impact at a Glance

Established in 2019

175+ Local Civil Society Members

8+ Major Projects

5 Elections and Referendums Observed

What Our Stakeholders Say

CECOE’s dedication to electoral transparency is unparalleled. Their efforts have significantly contributed to fairer elections in Ethiopia.

Alemayehu Bekele

Director, Ethiopian Voters’ Association

Their voter education programs have empowered countless citizens, ensuring their voices are heard in the democratic process.

Hana Tesfaye

Community Organizer

Ongoing Initiatives

Empowering Democracy

CECOE is actively involved in numerous programs aimed at fostering democratic values and good governance. Our election observation initiatives ensure transparency and fairness in the electoral process.

One of our flagship projects is the ‘Women Political Participation’ initiative, co-implemented with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and funded by the European Union. This project aims to enhance the role of women in politics, ensuring their active participation and representation in governance.

Our Latest Publications

Insights and Analysis

Stay informed with our latest publications, policy briefs, and commentaries. Our comprehensive reports and studies provide in-depth analysis of the electoral processes, offering valuable insights into the state of democracy in Ethiopia. Explore our findings and understand the dynamics of recent elections and referendums through our meticulously crafted documents.

In addition to written content, we have produced and aired various TV advertisements aimed at educating the public on electoral transparency and voter rights. These multimedia initiatives are part of our broader effort to engage and inform citizens, ensuring a well-informed electorate. Dive into our media section to watch these impactful advertisements.

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Join us in our mission to uphold democratic values and promote free, fair, and transparent elections in Ethiopia. Whether you’re interested in volunteering, staying updated with our latest news, or supporting our initiatives, your involvement makes a difference. Together, we can build a more informed and empowered society.