Yesua Dimtse


የእሷ ድምጽ

CECOE is pleased to present a weekly radio program called ‘Yesua Dimtse’ (meaning ‘her voice’), in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and funded by the European Union (EU). The program airs every Tuesday from 9:10 PM – 9:40 PM on Ethiopian radio. Additionally, you can also tune in to the program online at www. We highly encourage you to listen to the program and share your feedback with us.

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"Yesua Dimtse" Radio Program | የሷ ድምጽ የሬዲዮ ፕሮግራም

Episode 01

Gender equality and justice to empower women | የጾታ እኩልነት እና ፍትሀዊነት ሴቶችን እና ልጃገረዶች ለማብቃት

Episode 02

Importance of women empowerment | ሴቶችን እና ልጃገረዶችን ማብቃት ለምን አስፈለገ

Episode 03

Men and boy’s role in women and girl’s empowerment| ወንዶቸ በፆታ እኩልነት እና ፍትሃዊነት ላይ ያላችው ሚና

Episode 04

The contribution of the family and community in women empowerment| ሴቷን ለማብቃት የማህበረሰቡ እና የቤተሰብ አስተዋጽዎ ምንድን ነው?

Episode 05

Couple communication for women empowerment| በጥንዶች መካከል ያለ ግንኙነት ለሴቷ መብቃት ያለው ሚና

Episode 06


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