the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) had issued several directives related to the conduct of elections in Ethiopia.

Directive on Voter Education Accreditation and Code of Conduct.pdfDownload
Directive on the Obligations of Registered National and Regional Political Parties.pdfDownload
Directive on the Conduct of Registration of Candidates.pdfDownload
Directive on the code of conduct for mass media and journalists on reporting elections.pdfDownload
Directive on Special Constituency Framework.pdfDownload
Directive on Recruitment of Regional Branch Office Heads.pdfDownload
Directive on Meeting procedure of the Managment Board.pdfDownload
Directive on Local Election Observers Accreditation, Working Procedure and Code of Conduct.pdfDownload
Directive on Electoral Security_Directive.pdfDownload
Directive on Election Materials.pdfDownload
Directive on Conducting Voters Registration.pdfDownload
Directive on Accreditation, Working Procedures and Code of Conduct for International Election Observers.pdfDownload
Directive issued to prevent transmission of COVID 19 during elections.pdfDownload
Directive for Conducting a Reelection.pdfDownload