On 7 August 2021, CECOE gave trainings to its Long-Term Observers (LTO) drawn from different Zones and Woredas where the second phase of elections is scheduled to be held in September 2021. The major objective of the training was to familiarize the observers with the CECOE’s election observation and reporting methodologies. Once the LTOs have completed their trainings, they will observe the different phases of the second-round elections: voter registration, voting and post-election.

Long-term observation is the more effective method, as the observation group acquires knowledge of the context within which voting and the counting takes place. Observers can thus provide more informed opinions on the election outcomes and more comprehensive guidance on relevant future improvements.

One of the core values of CECOE is inclusion, which covers the vital role that women play in political and election processes. The coalition strives to attain and sustain gender equality in all its election observation activities. As a result, in many of the trainings provided by CECOE women represent a significant number of trainees.